My little story.

Hola Amigos !

If you are here, reading this blog , you might be interested in beauty , makeup and skincare , just like me . Or may be I have convinced you over whatsapp/instagram to read this. Anyway you are here 😉

Welcome to my world , to Makeup and The SHIZ.

Often when I watch  people’s youtube, instagram or blog post , I check what were their first post , how did they start, and I’m sure many of you do too. So, i didn’t want my very first post to be a review but why I started my journey .
A little back story, like say 10-11 years ago , when I was just in my teens , I started taking interest in makeup. I sneaked into my mum’s bag to get a good old lakme lipstick. The interest stayed for few months and disappeared soon. Thanks to my family who didn’t like the idea of makeup at all , and my elder brother with whom I played cricket and football, watching WWE fights and turning a tomboy. 

I moved to college in Kolkata. I wore a red lipstick for the first time. And I swear , while I was putting on my lakme 9 to 5 flaming function kuch kuch hota hai was being played ! (In my mind of course xD). By the time , I was leaving college , I was the one to do everybody’s makeup , giving people DIY tips and tricks . And that was not all . I had to hear things like , “Tu microbiology chod de , Makeup /fashion ka course kar le.” ( Leave microbiology and do a course on makeup/fashion).

Coming to 2018’s January. I had a bad phase. I didn’t find anyone I could talk to. I suffered a lot for my health. At that point of time KathleenLights (Check her out on youtube, if you don’t know already) made a video, where she told “start your dreams today , yes you, I am talking to you, do now “. That one freaking line got me . Along with Shreya Jain’s hardworking videos ( Oh, you know her already, don’t you ?).

That’s when I realized. Baby steps . Start Today . Rest will follow. So on 5th February 2018 I started my instagram page (@makeup__and_shiz) with help of a friend. And since then, every morning I get up from bed with a plan and desire to move forward !

That’s all .
Thank you for reading ! Means a whole world to me .




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