Start Maker Eyeshadow Brushes – Review.

Hello peeps.

“With a good makeup brush , every woman can be a good artist.” If you are looking for affordable, beginner friendly eyeshadow brushes , You are at the right place. I’m talking about the start makers brushes.

Availability & Price :

Rs 398/- ( But when you check out , you get -150 discount i.e Rs 248 ) at Amazon India.

Packaging :

It comes in a white pouch , with a card , which has got all the necessary detail, which brush is for what.



They are red and golden packaging. Some of them have white bristles ( the blending brush ) and some of them has black ( the flat ones ) . There are 12 of them :

These 5 brushes are blending brushes. 5 blending brush are amazing. You can precisely blend in your crease area or random blending of eyeshadows. It blends the colour so nicely and these are so soft.

These 3 are packing brush to apply or pack on colours on the lids . Also with the fluffy one you can apply your brow highlight.

These 3 brush: one for applying eyebrow powder , other is said as lip brush.( I use it for inner corner highlight ) and the eyeliner brush is really useless.( I use to to put lash glue on fake lashes)

And the Last one is called blooming brush. I use it to set my under eye area or set my lid area after applying concealer ( for priming the lid area) . Does a good job.

These brushes are really good. The bristles are soft . They don’t have fall out while washing. ( I have washes them more than 10 times now with regular soap ). They pack on colours so nicely. Blends colour easily.

My Rating : 4.5/5

Will I recommend this ?

If you are a beginner and are looking for good eyeshadow brushes , Grab these.


Pros :

  • Affordable
  • Available online
  • Travel friendly , comes with a bag
  • Ultra soft bristles
  • No fall out after washing
  • All kinds of brushes available for completing a eye look.
  • Comes with a instruction booklet ( helpful for beginners)
  • Blending brush , the bristles are neither too small neither too big, perfect size.


  • Eyeliner brush is really not useful.

Some eye looks that I created using these brushes :

That is all for these post. If you happen to know any other good affordable brushes, comment down below. I would love to give it a try.
Ananya .

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