Garnier sheet mask — Review, India.

Hello People !
If you are following me on Instagram for a long time, you would know I am a big fan of Garnier Anti Wrinkle Lift Cream. Hence I decided to try the Garnier sheet mask that recently got launched in India. And here is what I think about these.

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Availability and Price :

It is available in three variants in India .
Red – Garnier Skin Naturals Sakura White Serum Mask
Blue- Garnier Skin Hydra Bomb White Serum Mask
Yellow- Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Mask

It is available on Nykaa ,flipkart
MRP: Rs 99 per sheet mask.

To know more about what and how to use sheet mask Click Here

What does it claim ?


It has a blue cover which you are supposed to take off after applying the mask.

Did it work?

Hydra Bomb – The blue Variant.

This is my personal favorite. Filled with amazing strong smell, which fades after 5 mins or so. It is extremely hydrating in nature. It gives a glow to your face like all other sheet mask. Your skin will instantly feel hydrated. You may or may not need a moisturizer after this, depending on your skin type.  It feels sticky only for first 10 mins .

Sakura white – The red Variant.

This to be honest , didn’t hydrate my skin much . Neither it gave a pinky glow as it claims. I think it will be better for oily skin girls . But then you will have to put a moisturizer afterwards.

Light comple – The yellow Variant.

This literally did nothing. When I say nothing, I mean it. Neither hydrate my skin, nor gave me a glow or brightening effect as it claims. Plus it had a smell, which I didn’t like.

Will I repurchase ?

Yes,I would definitely repurchase the Hydra bomb one. It has become my favourite.

Will I Recommend ?

Yes, ONLY THE HYDRA BOMB one. You need to try the Blue variant once if you haven’t.

Battle of Garnier vs Innisfree / The Faceshop sheet mask.

Often I have been asked this question on Instagram, which is better Garnier or Innisfree , and Garnier or The Faceshop?

Well, talking about the whole collection of Garnier to the whole collection of Innisfree or Faceshop, Garnier doesn’t stand a chance. But if we are talking about only the HYDRA BOMB , I think it stands at par with Innisfree and Faceshop.

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Pros :

  • The blue variant is very hydrating
  • Nice Quality.
  • Good smell.

Cons :

  • The yellow & Red variant is not good as it claims
  • Not available in offline stores


That was all for this post ! I hope you all like it. Have you tried them yet ? If yes, which is your favourite ?
Until then, spread peace

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