Glamaroma Rose Gold Facial Glow Mist – Review.

Hey people!

Facial mists are in. It is the most go to thing you can use while stepping out from your home. Today’s review is about Glamaroma Rose gold facial glow mist.

Availability & Price :

Buy here.

Rs 450.

Claims :

If you are a Fan of Facial mists/toner and Rose Gold everything here’s the perfect product for your skin as well as your feed ;).

Our Rose Gold Facial mist is a blend of 24 Karat Gold Infused Water, witch hazel and few other potent ingredients.This facial mist especially targets and helps tighten pores and brighten complexion. Hydrates and also smoothens skin while lightening blemishes and scars.

Ingredients :

24 Karat Gold Infused water:
Witch Hazel: Helps tighten pores and balance the Ph level of skin, helps calm acne prone skin.
Mulberry Root: Soothes Irritations and brightens skin tone.
Lemon Peel: Rich in Vitamin C lemon peels help brighten skin and also reduces blemishes.

Packaging :

It comes in a white clear plastic bottle with a white nozzle spray. You can clearly see when the product gets over. The nozzle spray worked fine for first 2 weeks and after which it stopped working.

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Did it work?

I have been using this mist for almost 2 months regularly now , two times. It really hydrates your skin. (I am a dry skin type). It refreshed my skin. With continuous use over a month, it looked a little brighter. But it didn’t remove any scar or acne/pimple mark on my face as it claims.

I also spray this on my beauty blender after my makeup is complete and then dab the beauty blender over my skin. It gives a perfect dewy and glowy finish, which I absolutely love !

If you are stepping out, make sure you have dab the gold infusion well into your skin.

Will I recommend?

It’s a decent face mist you could buy. It’s not fancy or something you should have in your skincare kit , but you can give it a try!

MY RATING: 3.8/5

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Pros :

  1. High quality ingredients.
  2. Cruelty free.
  3. All skin type.
  4. Infused gold particles.
  5. Hydrates your skin.
  6. Refreshes your skin.
  7. Smells good.
  8. Can be used after makeup.
  9. Gives a glowy skin with prolonged use.
  10. Paraben free

Cons :

  1. Nozzle stopped working
  2. Infused gold particles need to be blended if stepping out of home.
  3. Doesn’t remove scars/ acne /pimple marks.

That is all for this post! I really hope you like it . Have you tried anything from Glamaroma ? Comment and let me know.

Spread Peace.



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