Happy Pod Natural Skin Treats- Lip scrub & Lip balm- Review.

Hey people.

The product I will be sharing I’m sure you haven’t heard of it before. I was sent a PR box , which was the cutest PR box I received. I will be reviewing the Lip scrub and the Lip balm in this blog post.

Availability and Price :

Buy here. ( It is an home made brand by Diksha Mehra)

Lip scrub- Rs 150

Lip balm – Rs 185

Packaging :

The lip scrub comes in a small little cute glass jar. And a golden lid. Since it’s a glass jar it becomes little bit difficult to carry.

The lip balm comes in a plastic twisted tube , as we get lip balms generally.

Did it work?

The apple cinnamon lip scrub is my absolute favourite and has become one of my essential in this winter. It works really well. It scrubs all the dead skin away. The presence of cinnamon helps in giving a bit plump effect . Also it feels very moisturizing too.

About the candy flavoured lip balm, it is not my favourite. I received this PR towards the starting of December and it worked decently. But as gradually winter proceeded it became waxier and didn’t moisturize my lips at all.

Will I recommend ?

The lip scrub, yes sure. It might look very tiny but it is gonna last you a long time.

The lip balm – it’s only good for summers.

MY RATING : 5/5 ( LIP SCRUB) ; 2/5 ( LIP BALM)


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  • Homemade.
  • Good packaging.
  • Lip scrub works good.
  • Removes the dry dead cell.
  • Doesn’t feel harsh.
  • Moisturizing.

Cons :

  • Lip balm is waxy in winters.
  • Doesn’t provide any moisture
  • All ingredients are not mentioned.

That’s all for this post ! Comment down below for any question.

Spread Peace.




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