Fabeya Shea Butter Body Scrub and Polish- Review.

Fabeya is a new Indian Brand . Fabeya’s mission is to formulate, manufactured and market world class natural products. They make variety of products such as cream, gel, and body & face scrubs. Today’s review : Shea butter body scrub and polish.

Availability and Price:

Buy it from Amazon.

MRP : Rs 349 for 300 ml.

Claims :

This scrub is best to make your skin soft and supple. The soothing fragrance makes the scrubbing experience much more lively and breathes new life to your skin.
Shea butter Scrub has been specially created to nurture and pamper the skin. While the ingredients enhances beauty, the sensual aroma brings about a feeling of total well being and relaxation. The natural ingredients cleanse, nourish and moisturize your skin to make it soft, fresh and radiant.

Ingredients :

Aqua, LLP, IPM, Caprylic Triglycerde, Glycerin, Stearic acid, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, WalnutSheel, Organic Shea butter & Natural Frangrance


It is a big see through tub. All the necessary details being printed on it. It has a silver screw lid. However be cautious with the lid cause it’s kinda sharp at the edges !

Texture :

It is basically creamy in consistency but has Walnut shells in it, making it look granular . You can obviously feel the granules too.

Did it work?

It’s been 6 months already I am using it. It removes the dead skin efficiently and makes your skin soft. But I think the granules are little bit harsh on my skin. Anybody with sensitive skin night feel it to be little harsh in nature. ( Meant for body skin only)

Other than that, it moisturized my skin too! Most scrubs tend to make my body skin dry after use , but this one didn’t make my skin dry at all.

With long term use , it will give you a polished and soft skin .

Will I recommend ?

If your body skin is sensitive , then you might think about it . Or else it’s definitely a yes !

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MY RATING: 3.8/5


Pros :

  • Paraben free.
  • SLS free.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Good quality.
  • Good quantity.
  • Affordable.
  • Doesn’t dry out your skin.
  • Scrubs the dead skin away.
  • Smells good.
  • Removes tan with prolonged use.

Cons :

  • I find it bit harsh for sensitive skin.
  • Not travel friendly.

That is all for this post. Have you used any products from Fabeya ? Let me know.

Spread Peace.


** This Product was sent to me for review purposes. Though the review is not sponsored and is based on my honest experience. 


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