Nykaa Skin Secrets Sheet mask Black Mud+Aloe Vera — Review.

Hey people!

Well, if you are aware of it , Nykaa recently launched their own line of sheetmask. They have launched total of 11 sheetmasks now, of which I got 6 of them. They are made in Korea.

Availability & Price:


MRP- Rs 100. (Per sheetmask )

What do they claim?


Packaging :

They come in normal sheet mask packaging. With one sheet per packet.

Did it work?

Firstly , the sheet mask is very thin, fits so properly in the best. That’s the best thing about this sheet mask. The sheet is made of wood pulp which ensures it holds maximum serum and it’s biodegradable.

Secondly, the serum is very liquidy and watery. ( If you have tried Faceshop/Innisfree/It’s Skin Sheetmask you know the serum is thick in nature.) Since I am a dry skin girl , I didn’t feel this sheetmask to be hydrating or moisturizing enough. As it claims to clear out the skin & deep cleanse it , it didn’t do anything to my face. I am highly disappointed in this product.

Would I Recommend?

I wouldn’t recommend any of the sheet masks . I feel they don’t bring any difference. Even if you are oily skin type, you might give it a chance , but i don’t think it will make a difference to your skin. If you are really looking for a sheetmask which clears your skin out , try DearPacker Home Remedy Charcoal sheetmask.

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MY RATING : 2.5/5


  • Biodegradable
  • Very thin
  • Fits properly
  • Feels light.
  • Water like serum
  • Non sticky.
  • Doesn’t smell strong.
  • Has extra serum.

Cons :

  • Not Hydrating enough.
  • Didn’t brighten up my face.
  • Not moisturizing enough.
  • Didn’t clear out my skin.
  • Need to layer another moisturizer over it for dry skin.

That was all for this post. Have you tried any? How was your experience. Comment below and let me know.

Spread Peace.

Disclaimer : The link that is provided is affiliated, meaning , if you click through that link and purchase the product , I will earn tiny bit of money from it. However you do not have to pay anything extra. Buying from this link will help me earn extra and put that amount into the blog.

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