PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray (Lavender) — Review .

“PeeSafe- India’s leading personal hygiene brand helping India to fight health issues brought on by unhygienic conditions in washrooms. With PeeSafe, people feel more comfortable in using public washrooms as it provides them a germ-free and insta-hygiene experience. ”

The brand has been awarded both as ‘Emerging health brand of the year’ and the ‘Best Health Start-up of the year’ by ‘India Health and Wellness Awards 2017’.”

Availability & Price :

Buy It Here.
MRP- Rs 120 (50 ml) , Rs 180 (75 ml) , Rs 499 (300 ml)
Use my code “makeup__and_shiz” for 20% discount on their site .
Also they have free shipping on all orders paid via online payments.

Claims :

Tired of squatting on western toilet seats? Or public toilet guarantees you infection whenever used? PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray protects you from problems like UTI.
When there is no water around or it is not possible for you to visit the washroom, sanitizer can act as a savior. It will ensure your hygiene safety. The spray comes handy and is your perfect travel companion. Fits any bag and is very comfortable to use. The lavender fragrance will help you breathe for the 3 minutes you’re in that uncomfortable space.

Product Key Features

  • Disinfects toilet seat
  • Dries within 10 seconds
  • Provides hygienic sanitation
  • Lavender fragrance blast
  • Deodorizes washroom
  • Easy to carry

Ingredients :

Benzalkonium chloride , Isopropyl Alcohol , Fragrance , solvent and propellant


Packaging :

It comes in a spray bottle , looks more or like deo bottle. Its very light weighted and easy to carry. The bottles are colour coordinated i.e lavender one has purple colour and mint variant is green colour. Ingredients , how to use , causative measures everything is written on the bottle itself .


How to use the Pee Safe Toilet sanitizer spray?

The Pee Safe Toilet sanitizer spray is easy to use.
•Shake the bottle
•Spray on toilet seat keeping a distance of 25cms
•Wait for 10 seconds to evaporate.
•The toilet seat is now germ free and ready to use.

My Thoughts :

Firstly, every girl needs a toilet seat sanitizer in their bag, whether you are a school-college girl or a working lady. This is really travel friendly , fits perfectly in my sling bag where ever I need to go..Once I spray this after 10 secs , it is completely dry and also lavender smells lasts upto 3-4 mins when you are still in the washroom. It’s not very strong , so it is even okay for people who can not stand strong fragrance . So it’s really a good thing you dont have to deal with bad odour. This has helped me lot with public washrooms with bad odour specially. The 50 ml one last upto 150 sprays.


Will I recommend ?

Yes . It’s a must for every girl.



Pros :

  • Disinfects toilet seat
  • Dries within 10 seconds
  • Lavender smell
  • Deodorizes washroom
  • Easy to carry
  • Maintains hygiene
  • Affordable.

Cons :

Not found any!

That was all for this post ! Do you use any sanitizer in public washrooms ? If yes , comment below and let me know which one.
Spread Peace.

** This Product was sent to me for review purposes. Though the review is not sponsored and is based on my honest experience. 

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