Verada Beauty Matte Liquid Lipsticks – All Shades, Swatches and Review.

Few days earlier, I won a giveaway contest conducted by VeradaBeauty & they sent me their whole range of lipstick.

Availability & Price:

Buy it HERE*

MRP: Rs 1090 ( 4ml)

Claims :

An immersive liquid lipstick that gives you potent matte lips every time you apply it. Packaged to perfection, the formulation contains rich, high pigmentation that leaves an intense matte cover on your lips. This high cover formulation is lightweight in its composition and boasts of high comfort on the wearers lips. Rich, liquid matte colour gliding seamlessly on your lips with a doe foot applicator will have them caressed in stunning matte shades.Experience the matte liquid lipstick like never before.

Ingredients :

Packaging :

It comes in a black matte box. The ingredients and everything else is written on it. Once you open it , the lipstick comes in a plastic . The lipstick glass bottle is quite sturdy and feels luxurious. It comes with a doe foot applicator. Since transparent , you can see the colour through the tube . The name of the lipstick is given below.

My thoughts :

Firstly, when I received these , I felt like it would be like any other liquid matte Lipstick. But then the first time I used it , I was impressed. It’s a different liquid matte lipstick . Experience the matte liquid Lipstick like never before is true.

These are highly pigmented. These are creamy when you apply it. They spread well . This dry down to satin matte finish . They provide a certain sheen to your lips which looks so good. It doesn’t enhance any lines on your lips. They do not dry your lips whatsoever. And I mean it. They are not drying at all. Even when you layer it, it doesn’t crumble. These are light weighted , you don’t feel them on your lips. On days where I have not moisturized my lip and I need to wear matte Lipstick , I will choose this over any bullet lipstick. When you eat oily food , the deep colours fade slightly and not that major. But with the light shades , they fade away fast.

One tiny con would be the transfer. A tiny amount transfers in the beginning. And it transfers to glasses or straws when you drink.

VeradaBeauty liquid Lipsticks swatches :

Untie : A mauvish brownish nude. It’s a perfect MLBB ( My lips but better ) shade for me.

Cease : A soft pink nude . It’s a perfect MLBB shade for me.

(These two lipstick might wash you out if your skin tone is darker than NC40-42./ Maybelline 310)

Leather lust : It’s a medium tone dusty chocolaty brown colour. It’s beautiful and one of my favourite.

R&R: A deep burgundy shade . (This shade is a bit patchy )

Savannah Sunset : It’s a mix between magenta and purple.

Rojo: It’s a classic bright red shade that every girl should have.

Would I recommend it ?

Yeah. I know it’s on the expensive side but it can easily compete with the global luxurious lipstick! You won’t regret it.

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MY RATING: 4.5/5


Pros :

  • Cruelty free.
  • Paraben free.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Doesn’t dry out your lips.
  • Satin matte finish.
  • Gives a sheen .
  • Doesn’t enhance lines on lips.
  • Shelf life of 3 years.

Cons :

  • Transfers a bit.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • They need to expand their colour range asap! (That’s not a con, since they are a new Indian brand )

That was all for this post ! Are you buying any of these ? Comment and let me know.

Spread Peace.

Disclaimer : The link that is provided is affiliated, meaning , if you click through that link and purchase the product , I will earn tiny bit of money from it. However you do not have to pay anything extra. Buying from this link will help me earn extra and put that amount into the blog.


      1. Hey Ananya…am reading Ur post for the first time. Nice review. Indeed good. Here is the reason why: actually I bought Verada lipstick from Nykaa. By chance I came across this lipstick. After reading the reviews there, I opted to buy shade Rojo. I was very sceptical about it coz it is expensive. But when I received it and applied it, oh my!! It is really a beautiful red shade. And it has all the qualities you have mentioned in your review. I loved it. Then thought of buying other shades. Well…did not becoz purple doesn’t suit me. And other remaining shades looked like shades of brown according to the swatches on Nykaa. Brown doesn’t suit me either.. Bu, I liked Verada lipsticks so much that I kept on thinking of I should buy another one. Quite tempting I must say! So in order to know the exact shades, I searched on YouTube for shade reviews and swatches. To my disappointed didn’t find much. Just a couple of them I found and not to my satisfaction. Then I searched on Google. And here I am reading you review, which is absolutely perfect and true to the core. And you have provided the exact shades with correct lighting. Thank u so much. Because of Ur shade pics, I could know what exact shade is each. Well…cease and untie may give me a washed out look. Not interested in savanna shade and the burgundy shade. Left out is leather lust. Again brown. But may be I wil give it a try coz the lipstick quality is awesome. How nice itwould be if we could get mini versions of it, with which we would not regret if the shade didn’t suit us. Hai na?? U agree? Let me know Ananya.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. First of all , Thank you so much Naaz for taking your time and reading and commenting. 💖 Secondly, I totally agree with you. They should come out with more shades and minis too. Mostly everyone is scared of investing so much amount in a single time in a new brand. Minis are absolutely perfect , if one likes it they can go for the bigger size. I tagged them on my Instagram story , let’s hope for the best ! 😍


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