Good Vibes Wine Anti Ageing FaceWash – Review.

A few months ago, I did a haul from good vibes and this facewash was one of them. Good vibes is a new Indian Brand found exclusively in . Read further if you want to know my views on it.

Availability & Price:

Click Here to Buy.
MRP: Rs 175 for 120 ml

Claims :

Turn your cleansing routine into a reviving experience with this face wash which is enriched with wine to improve your skin’s texture by staving off signs of ageing and firming your skin! An extremely gentle formulation that makes your skin soft and glowing within minutes!

  • Why choose Good Vibes Wine Face Wash: It contains antioxidant-rich wine which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful look
  • This unique cleanser improves your skins moisture content for a dewy complexion
  • Makes your skin firm and supple by improving its elasticity
  • Removes dirt, oil and makeup gently from your skin for a clean face
  • Leaves your skin with a luxurious scent that lingers throughout the day!

Ingredients :

Packaging :

It comes in a clear plastic bottle with pump packaging. It has a convient packaging.

Texture & Smell :

It has a gel texture which is slight reddish in colour. It also feels very soft and creamy. It lathers up . It has a weird wine like smell which personally I didn’t like at all. But the smell goes away after you wash your face.


Well, to be honest , I didn’t have much expectation from Good Vibes Brand in general. As I started using it, I liked it. It doesn’t give you the feeling of squeaky clean which is good, cause that means it’s not stripping any oil. It does clean your face properly. I’m a dry skin girl and hence I purchased this variant. It didn’t dry out my skin whatsoever. It is very gentle on the skin . My mom who is 50+ even loved using this. It removes mild makeup, like blush, bb cream and powders.  It’s really a good facewash to use every morning / night ,when you stay whole day at home , or teenagers who wear slight to no makeup.If you are someone who wears heavy makeup on daily basis , this might not be the one.

However , It doesn’t have such anti-aging property as it claims.


Would I recommend?

Yes. I would recommend this to all skin type.  It’s a decent facewash, not a must have in my list. If you are happy with your current facewash, you can skip this.

Summary :


  • Cruelty free.
  • Paraben free.
  • Very gentle on skin.
  • Doesn’t dry out.
  • Refreshes your skin.
  • Removes very mild makeup.
  • Good for aged/ mature skin
  • All skin type.

Cons :

  • Doesn’t remove heavy makeup.
  • Can be used while double cleansing.
  • Smells weird.
  • Contains SLES.

This was all for this post! Have you tried anything from Good Vibes? Comment below.

Spread Peace.

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