Dot and Key is a new Indian Brand. They launched their hydrating set and today’s review is the hydrating sleeping mask.

Availability and Price :

Click here to buy.
MRP : Rs 645 for 50 ml.

Claims :

Imagine hitting the reset button on your skin overnight, erasing the impact of stress and fatigue, and waking up to fresh, well rested appearance the next morning? This is exactly what Dot & Key Skin Plumping Water Sleeping Mask does. It instantly floods skin with moisture and keeps skin happily hydrated for hours.

A luxuriously bouncy hydrating face mask starring calming cucumber and chamomile, it smoothes, plumps and perfects the skin while you sleep. It works overnight to reverse the damaging effects of UV, pollution and smoke on skin. Anti-oxidant concentrated formula sink into the skin to work from within, while the uplifting fragrance of bulgarian rose leaves you feeling relaxed. Featuring water magnet hyaluronic acid, this sleep mask continuously infuses high doses of moisture putting extra thirty skin to bed. Layer it on, get some beauty sleep and prepare to wake up to rejuvenated skin, effortlessly.

Ingredients :


When it comes to packaging , Dot and Key always kills it. They have a wonderful outer blue packaging. The product comes in a usual (Like other Dot And Key products) shaped jar . It has a glass packaging and is heavy, therefore feels to be not travel friendly .

Once to open the lid, there is another lid to protect the product. It also comes with tiny spatula, which is helpful, if you are specially someone who doesn’t like to dig in the products with bare hand.

How to use ?

*According to the site.

1.Scoop out a generous layer and massage onto cleansed face and neck.
2.Leave on overnight for deep hydration.
3.Rinse off in the morning.
4.Can be used nightly, as the final step of your bedtime routine.


I had been using this for quite a while now and had given my friend to use it too. (Since she came over, plus she has a oily skin, and I have a dry skin!) It has a water – gel like texture. It totally melts into your skin like water. It is light bluish in colour and not runny. It has a nice smell , which you can’t smell while applying .

I have used it both ways – as a moisturizer and a sleeping pack. When used as a moisturizer , it has a matte finish, which was not enough for my dry skin ( specially in winters!) I feel my skin needed much more moisture and hydration. When used as a sleeping pack, I really loved this. My skin became soft and supple. I definitely woke up with a more hydrated skin.

As for my friend , she only used this as moisturizer, and she really liked it. Her skin felt soft and hydrated , yet not oily in the morning.

Would I recommend?

If you are a oily skin person, you might give this a try. Not a must have though. And if you are a normal/ dry skin person, you may skip this.


Summary :


  • Cruelty free.
  • Free of harsh chemicals.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Light weighted.
  • Water like
  • Matte finish
  • Best for oily skin type.
  • Better for summers
  • Best used as sleeping pack.

Cons :

  • Not enough for dry skin.

That was all for this post! Comment down below and let me know anything else you want me to review.

Spread Peace.


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