Deyga is a new Organic Indian brand which curates product which are cruelty free, 100%pure , sustainable with traditional recipes.

“A natural take on beauty, at Deyga we believe in organic care for the body. A fusion of nature and goodness, we combine every particle by hand and bring to you an immersive experience of oneness with the earth. Our craftsmen celebrate raw, natural and organic beauty in every product they chisel.

When enriching oils play with nurturing ingredients, high performing anti-oxidants fuse with naturally occurring vitamins, purity meets wisdom, and you choose Deyga, a world of gentle, natural and ethical love is born.” 

Availability & Price :

MRP : Rs 550
Click To buy here.*

Claims :

A high potent face pack, crafted for acne-prone skin! This gentle pack of green ingredients reduces the occurrence of zits & pimples and keeps the skin clear & healthy.

Why did we craft it with Spirulina and Matcha?

  • Spirulina promotes  skin healing while increasing the cell turnover rate
  • It detoxifies the skin, preventing fungal acne
  • Matcha with its high antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, keeps the skin hydrated and controls excess oil 
  • This combination works to exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal clearer pimple-free skin

Ingredients :

Matcha,  Aloevera,  Spirulina, Neem,  Moringa , Comfrey.


Packaging :

It has a outer board packing , which you can reuse as brush/pen stand or to store something , since it comes with a lid. So yay to that. The face pack comes in a glass tub , therefore make sure not to drop it. 


My thoughts :

To begin with , I have a dry skin and have PCOS. I wont say I have acne prone skin But this year specially (the year of COVID-19 😦 ) , with lot of stress and wearing mask , I did go through some painful acne and some pimple .

 Using the spirulina matcha mask for the first time had left my impression ” Woah “. Why ? Well, Firstly , I think it cleanses your skin like nobody’s business. It makes your pores look clean and helps in minimizing too. Therefore leaving your skin with such a glow ! Who doesn’t love that? 

About the acne control , it totally works. When I applied this first time , I did notice that it reduced my inflamed acne and with regular use , it helped to clear my acne faster than normal time.  Sometimes my skin has little tiny-tiny bumps , this pack literally helped to reduce it and achieve a smoother skin. Since I’m a dry skin girl , I thought this pack might feel very drying to me but it didn’t at all. In case it feels drying to any of you, you can add bit of honey to it. I sometimes mix normal water or toners mixed with few drops of honey in it. 

TIP: While you are washing your face make sure it doesn’t enter your mouth, cause oh lord , it literally tastes like NEEM ! 😛

Would I recommend ? 

YES! I guess this is in my top 3 favourite face mask. 



Pros :

  • Cruelty free. 
  • Organic 
  • Free from harsh chemical
  • All skin type
  • Control acne
  • Reduces pimple
  • Makes your skin smooth 
  • Gives you a glow

Cons :

  • None Actually ! 

That is all for this post! I really hope you like it . Have you tried anything from Deyga Organics ? Comment and let me know.

Spread Peace.

*This product was sent to me as PR and is a paid collaboration .But all the thoughts and views and solely based on my personal experience . 

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