How to fix broken makeup without using rubbing alcohol.

Every makeup lover has that sad moment when our favourite blush, or favourite eyeshadow or the highlighter palette breaks. There is nothing sad as broken makeup. There are lot of articles in Google, talking about how to fix broken makeup with rubbing alcohol. Well my first question was ‘what is rubbing alcohol’, ‘where will I get rubbing alcohol’, ‘how much will it cost me’ and therefore I tried to fix my broken blush with what I had in my own vanity.

All you need :

  • Any facial spray/mist /rosewater.
  • Makeup setting spray. ( Optional, but good to have.)
  • A bowl to mix.
  • A clean spatula ( or anything you want to mix with : just make it clean)
  • A cotton pad / tissue paper.

Things I took:

Steps :

  1. Pour all the contents of your makeup in a bowl and crush them . ( Even the parts which is not broken)
  2. Make sure they are crushed properly into tiny particles.
  3. Add setting spray/ facial mist. ( Either drop wise or by one spray at a time – do it gradually)
  4. Make sure it’s a thick mixture.
  5. Pour it into the original makeup palate.
  6. Make sure it’s smooth with help on spatula or a spoon.
  7. Clean the outer areas with a tissue paper.
  8. Let it dry and harden itself ( now , most pages in Google told it would take 24 hours only , but it took me good 48-72 hours. )
  9. It’s ready to be used.

If the eyeshadow /blush/highlighter is slightly broken ( like a crack or two) you can also spray setting spray/facial mist over it and press it with a tissue paper or a cotton pad . Repeat this step twice -thrice or as needed.

The WetnWild highlighter slightly broke so I sprayed the setting spray and pressed with a tissue paper. At times , after 1-2 months of use I keep spraying makeup setting spray and press it with tissue paper to keep it intact.

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That was all for this post. Sorry for the low quality of pictures. I didn’t think I would make a blog post of this. I was randomly clicking pictures to send it to my best friend. But I hope it helps.🙈

Spread Peace.


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